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Gelluloid is a strategy game where you control a new, intelligent type of gel, which learns new abilities from the enemies it encounters.

In classic missions, your goal is to beat your opponents by taking control of the cells laid on the map.

Gelluloid challenges you to prove your tactics and strategy skills throughout carefully designed campaigns.

Learn how to use new abilities with the help of the G.A.P. (Gelluloid Asistance Program). Uncover new gameplay modes, new units and enhance your gel with powerful upgrades.

Throughout tutorial missions you’ll learn the basics of Gelluloid's gameplay:

  • Cleverly manage your available gel;
  • Attack the enemy at its weak points;
  • Take advantage of various special cells on the map’s layout.

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Clever map designs

Diverse gameplay modes and new puzzles are scattered across missions in our carefully designed campaigns. Hand crafted missions always keep the game fresh with new challenges.

Play classic battles, fill the tank, race and survival missions.


Special cells

New types of cells are introduced along the way. Take advantage of strategically placed attack, defense and production cells.

Play your own game using moving cells such as the carrier and link cells.


Powerful Upgrades

The Laboratory is the place where you mix active and passive upgrades to enhance your gel.

Improve your stats and add special add-ons such as the medusa, exploding and spike balls.

Defend against viruses with an upgradeable gun add-on.

Fun, engaging, fast paced and brain melting!
Campaign packs released regulary, currently over 100 maps available
3 levels of difficulty to challenge novices and expert tactitians alike
5 classes of viruses spice up the game, keeping you on your toes
Skirmish mode provides an arena to play classic battles and earn research points
Analytical AI gives rise to provocative opponents
Awesome graphics and original sound design
Multiple profiles allow your friends to chime in too
Stimulating achievements
In-game tutorials and help
A nice background story, if you care reading it:)