Action strategy game Gelluloid Pro arrives on iOS!

06 November 2014



Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Independent game studio Tractor, Set, GO! announces the immediate availability on the App Store of award-winning game Gelluloid Pro - an action strategy game with hand-crafted missions and beautiful graphics. Gelluloid Pro is an addictive combination between the harvest, strategy and defense genres.


Fun, engaging, fast paced and brain melting. Welcome to project Gelluloid, a research effort to find the best medicine against viruses. Players are challenged to prove their tactical skills in battles fought between microscopic gels. Their aim is to occupy all the cells floating inside a bio-catalyst. The gel learns new tricks along the way, which help in developing new strategies and solving puzzle missions.


The game constantly evolves. The catalyst is lurking with threatening viruses, which require better defenses as the player progresses. Levels also increase in difficulty and size. And new types of cells become available all the time. This development leaves our players always craving for more.


Beware, each mission has been meticulously hand-crafted. We'll challenge even the most brilliant minds with unique puzzles and tactics scenarios. You'll find the fast paced action very addictive. Strategy alone won't be enough to complete missions - you'll need to develop some quick moves as well.


Gelluloid was first released on Android, to a very warm reception from the press and fans, quickly attracting many positive reviews:

“Gelluloid is an excellent strategy game based on micro war bacteriological wars (how cool sounds that?)” - IGN

“A well-crafted, original and challenging game. Recommended.” - Apps Zoom

“The graphics is very good and the gameplay is captivating” - Gadget Buzz

“It’s a compelling experience.” -


Gelluloid Pro has been in development for over an year and sporting many features and improvements over the Android version. Key differences are:

  • 5 completely new abilities, such as Time Warp and Inhibition.

  • You earn 2X more research points, reducing farming. Also content unlocks without any cost.

  • 2 new sets of skirmish maps.

  • No ads.

  • Better, higher resolution graphics, refreshed UI.

  • Improved gameplay with dozens, maybe hundreds of tweaks.


About Tractor, Set, GO!


TSG! is an independent game studio which seeks to deliver original, fun to play games. The studio was founded by a passioned group of people with previous experience in games development, programming and 3D graphics. TSG! would like to thank all our enthusiastic fans and everyone in the press who offered their support, thus helping Gelluloid Pro to become a reality.


Gelluloid Pro on AppStore:

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