Background story

10 April 2013

We have waited for centuries, living at the mercy of nature. Fearing our shadows. Fighting to take down everything that threatens our integrity.

But humanity’s most ferocious enemies were tiny, invisible, hidden beyond human understanding and observation. Diseases have wasted billions of lives, never completely destroying us, always making us stronger.

Here we are, after all this time, becoming masters of our own fabric, able to see things that were hidden before and now committed to go beyond our home world. We’ve prepared constantly to decipher the mysteries that await us. The development of the Final Cure, the symbol of man’s impressive power, is about to be possible.

Ahead of our first voyage beyond Earth we expected the worst.

We started Project Gelluloid as we developed a substance, a powerful catalyst in which we experimented with different curing gels. The Green Gel, our latest development, is an intelligent gel able to thrive, adapt and become stronger with each microscopic fight.

You will witness the last test before the Green Gel becomes an essential part of every human being’s living body. A powerful ally that leads the fight from the inside, ready to take humanity to the next stage of its evolution. This intelligent gel must infiltrate the catalyst to quickly take control of neutral cells, before being assimilated by its enemies. It will face other gels from our earlier attempts, as well as reproductions of the most terrible diseases in human history.

The purpose of the experiment is to prove once and for all the gel’s adaptability and ability to fight its enemies with their own means, creating a strong artificial immune system against any aggression. This one of Science’s dreams that will go on to become reality.

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