Pictures from inhouse beta-testing

27 May 2013

As you may already know, we're in the final stages of completing Gelluloid. This final part focuses on eliminating any remaining small issues, fine-tuning the balance of the game, setting up the right defaults and finishing up the in-game help.

For all of this we needed to test the game “out in the wild”. We, at Tractor Set Go!, are not normal people, you see. Not only that we've been playing the game for over a year now, but we also know very well how it works – we built it! We are, what you might call, Gelluloid experts. It would be a terrible choice to do final benchmarks based on our performance.

So assembled a courageous team of beta testers. Fed with only pretzels and beverage, they eagerly started playing Gelluloid for their very first time. Well, okay one of them had seen the game before, but the game was quite different back them.

We posted some pictures from the “Gelluloid Game Night” event on Facebook. In case you're wondering, the people holding the Kinder Surprise eggs were the first three to finish the first campaign.

Gelluloid Inhouse Beta Testing Facebook album

Finally, we wish to thank everybody for their valuable input and encouraging comments!

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