Introducing the Main Cell

12 April 2013

The main cell is the first unit to be introduced in the Laboratory.

You can think of the Laboratory on this site as a gelly hall of fame. In anticipation of our game's launch, we'll introduce there all the units, upgrades and other features you'll find in Gelluloid. After a long development time, we're very excited to share what we've got!

Main cell icon

The main cell is the most basic unit in Gelluloid. A cell can hold gel within its membrane and can be occupied either by you or your enemy. Neutral cells are grey and, although they don't belong to any player, they have a natural defense which varies from cell to cell and mission to mission.

Cells live in a substance called the "Catalyst". Between them, links can be present, allowing you to transfer gel from one cell to another. As you'll get to see when playing Gelluloid, knowing how to time your gel transfers and knowing where to attack will prove to be essential in succesfully completing a mission.

Cells also have several attributes around which we've designed some specialized cells. Follow us on facebook or twitter to find out what's next!

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