Gelluloid Domination: SpaceLab Simulator

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The Game

Play as an independent contractor on the spaceship Adiona. On your way to the delivery checkpoint for the special cargo, you have 257 reasons to keep it viable for assimilation and make sure you gather data for new potential hosts.

Conduct experiments on probed materials and biosamples using the Gelluloid-based agents to ensure the mission's success.

Keep things together as most systems on your ship need maintenance. Deal with vexing situations, solve technical problems, make repairs and improvements, and submit daily reports to receive your revenue. Upgrade tools that will make your life and work easier, but before everything, try to keep your cargo safe.

Stay sharp, as things are not always what they seem!

Exciting Exploration

Exciting Exploration

Travel great distances, discover new worlds, and encounter new phenomena as you navigate the cosmos. Immerse yourself in a rich universe filled with challenges and opportunities.
Challenging Experimentation

Challenging Experimentation

Choose the right tools available on your ship to conduct experiments on the samples you gather. Strive to reach results that ensure the success of your mission and secure a conducive research process.
Manage your most important cargo

Manage your Cargo

Protect and take good care of your most valuable cargo inside the cryopods: human legacy as morphons. Make sure everything is monitored and stable.
Manage your ship

Manage your Ship

Keep your ship running smoothly by managing resources, ensuring maintenance, and making strategic upgrades. Your choices will directly impact your chances of success.
Trade and compete

Trade & Compete

There are others like you out there. Find them, bond with them, trade, but stay ahead because after all, this endeavor is also a competition that can put you on the list of the most trustworthy of Orbicorp's contractors.
Adapt to Challenges

Adapt to Challenges

Be prepared for unexpected crises that can arise in the depths of space. Your problem-solving skills and mental resilience will be put to the test as you confront the unknown.